The Right Shoe for the Job

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A carpenter or a mechanic will tell you to always “Use the right tool for the job.”  This concept is also true for footwear.  Bad footwear choices can lead to injury or chronic aches and pains. The wrong shoes hurt. It is imperative that you find well fitting shoes that are suited to the activities you do as well as looking good for work or formal occasions.

Shoe for the job

Sometimes the hottest fashions of the day actually can hurt our bodies. This is very true of high heeled shoes for women. They elevate the heels to an unnatural level and completely change the mechanics of walking. They also usually come to a point in front, compressing the toes together. The combination leaves 90% of women in pain, with the other 10% pretending it doesn’t hurt.  If at all possible, you should wear low heels if you are a woman. If you must wear pumps, bring along a pair of low sandals to stash in your car or a bag, for when you aren’t so much in the public eye. Less hours in bad shoes means less pain.

Men are not that much more lucky in shoe fashion. They run into the high heel problem with boots, which also prevent full range of motion in the ankle. This also changes a person’s gait and can cause pain. For suit wearers, the men’s dress shoe can be stiff and feel like a board strapped to the foot. You can buy mens sneakers, that look like dress shoes at Aldo and other shoe stores. You could even wear them with a suit and tie, in all but the most formal of situations.

Get a good fit. Our feet do change over time. Stop into a shoe store in your local mall some time and have your feet measured. You shoe salesmen will be able to guide you towards the type of shoe and brands that will fit you the best.